ShipWorks connects directly to each of your online marketplaces and lets you manage them all in one place.

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Amazingly Affordable

ShipWorks is a crazy good deal for the power it brings to your business. ShipWorks is priced per online marketplace and automatically adjusts based on your volume each month. The details are here.

Included with every ShipWorks account are:

  • Free phone, email, and forum support.
  • Unlimited number of computers.
  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Unlimited number of shipping accounts.
  • Unlimited number of shipments and orders.

Online Marketplaces

ShipWorks connects directly to each of your online marketplaces and lets you manage them all in one place.

If you use a marketplace we don't support, ShipWorks can automate importing flat files, Excel documents, and XML. Or you could have a developer create a ShipWorks integration using our Generic API documentation.

All of your order details are brought into shipworks, including product weights, item thumbnails, and requested shipping method so that ShipWorks has all the information you need at your fingertips.

ShipWorks updates the online status of your orders automatically. Depending on your online store, ShipWorks will send back one or more of the tracking numbers, shipping methods, costs, and payment status of each order.


ShipWorks supports all major shipping carriers. Just plug in your account info (or signup for a new account right from ShipWorks) and start printing your labels. You can add insurance, get tracking information, display rates, and more.

Ship with the US Postal Service? You won’t believe how much money you can save with ShipWorks. The rates we can offer through IntuiShip and Express1 are simply unbeatable – up to 46% in savings on USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express shipments.

Processing returns with ShipWorks is also simple and convenient. ShipWorks supports processing return service labels for both FedEx, UPS and USPS shipments. Choose from a variety of options for UPS Returns® including Electronic Return Labels that are emailed directly to your customer.

Customer Service

Increase the level of attention you give your customers by accessing their information quickly and easily. ShipWorks maintains all of your customer and order history in one place, and 'Quick Search' boxes allow you to search all order information, including notes, order status, and tracking information - all displayed at once.

ShipWorks saves the tracking number for every processed shipment. Track shipments in real-time from within ShipWorks in response to customer inquiries. Send emails with tracking information in one click. ShipWorks will email tracking numbers automatically as each shipment is processed using automated tasks.


ShipWorks uses 'filters' to organize all of your customers and orders. You can configure filters (and folders) that are automatically updated when a change occurs. Use filters as an organizational tool, for automated tasks, or as the basis of shipping rules.

Quickly see which customers have the most orders, who have spent the most with you, what orders aren't yet paid, and which orders are destined for P.O. Boxes. If you can think of it, ShipWorks can probably filter it.

Invoices, Labels, Emails, Pick Lists, and Reports

ShipWorks uses 'templates' to create any kind of documents you need. We include everything you need to get started, or you can edit and create as many new ones as you like.

ShipWorks includes a template editor that uses XML and XSL, giving you the freedom to create elaborate customizations - handling totals, averages, sorting, conditional outputs, and much more. These templates can be saved in HTML, text, CSV, and XML output formats, so you can make them work for you.

You can check out the preformatted templates here. Let your imagination run wild.

Rules and Automation

ShipWorks can take care of your repetative tasks automatically. Printing invoices, sending emails, and updating your online marketplace with shipping details can all be done automatically.

Shipping rules enable you to teach ShipWorks how you ship. Always ensure something over a certain amount? Know that certain zip codes are cheaper for certain products? Use signature-confirmation for some high-valued items? All of those rules can be built in to ShipWorks to save time, and eliminate errors.


ShipWorks lets you work smarter by scheduling tasks whenever it is convenient for you and your business. You can tell ShipWorks when to automatically perform tasks like running reports or backing up your database

The sky is the limit on scheduling items, especially with our robust FTP, CSV and API capabilities. We can easily run a program, connect to a website or upload files to FTP.

Developers and Customizability

For getting data in to ShipWorks, developers can use the Generic Integration API to connect any shopping platform or system to ShipWorks.

Or maybe you want ShipWorks to send text messages? Or upload a sales report at the end of every day to a custom web service you built? Or run a PowerShell script on some of the data in ShipWorks when you process a shipment? With our advanced action tasks, ShipWorks can handle it all.

Printers and Scales

As a desktop application, ShipWorks is able to use any printer or scale you have with no trouble at all.

ShipWorks supports laser and inkjet printers, and thermal printers such as Dymo and Eltron. All varieties of label sheets are supported, including multi-up sheets, combined invoices and labels, full-sheet labels, and plain paper.

  • Zero-configuration scale support for USB scales. Also supports the following serial port scales:
  • NCI model 7010S (also known as the scale).
  • Fairbanks R9000 14 U
  • Metler Toledo Y8213
  • Salter Brecknell 7010SB
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