Product Labels

Highlight 'on sale' products, products with special price, new products. You can also emphasize other important product information like '100% natural', 'environment-friendly' and so on.

  • Highlight products with colorful badges

  • Display the labels based on category, price, status, etc

  • Specify time period for display of labels

  • Use variables for label messages

  • Set priorities for label display

Community Edition 1.4 - 1.9
Enterprise Edition 1.8 - 1.14

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Achieve high performance for promotions

magento product labels

Highlight special offers

When having a special, it's better to make it stand out, isn't it? Otherwise people just won't notice it and your marketing effort will be wasted. Use images and 'call to action' slogans to attract customers with your special offers. They will definitely notice a bright image or a Magento product ribbon with wording like 'SAVE up to 50%!', 'Buy Now! Just a few left'. The extension automatically calculates and displays discount percent or flat amount based on the difference between special and regular price - you just choose the variable that suits you. When discount amounts are decimal numbers, you can round them to whole numbers, the extension offers 3 rounding algorithms.

Clearly display important product information

It is possible to show different Magento product labels depending on product attributes. For example you can add 'Nike', 'Apple', 'Sony' logos to images of all products by these manufacturers. With this feature you can emphasize key product information such as 'Waterproof', '100% Recyclable', 'No side effects' and so on. Mark your products and indicate magento sale items appropriately  - this will help your customers to find the right items fast and will increase your profits.

new!Set priorities for label display, hide labels with lower priority

You may have a number of Magento product ribbons to display and in some cases they may overlap and confuse customers. To avoid such situations you can set priorities for labels. In addition, you can hide low-priority labels or ribbons, when the one with higher priority is already applied to a product.

Show labels for new products in Magento

There's something exciting about the word 'new'. Everyone wants to see a new film, everybody wants to own new stuff. Make the most out of your new products, while they are such - make them easy to spot by adding Magento image label and text like 'NEW! Arrived just 2 days ago!' The amount of days can be indicated with a variable, so the number of days is updated automatically. For 'Is New' condition you can either select 'New From' and 'New to' dates for a product or specify the number of days after product creation, when a product should be considered as new.

Adjust display of labels to your store needs

Choose time period for display of labels

You can specify dates between which the labels should be displayed. So if you run a sale from November 23 till December 5, you can set Magento stickers to be displayed only during this period. In addition to dates you can specify display time.

Show labels based on product price.

magento product labels

For example, you can display the labels only for products which are priced between 50 and 200. It is possible to indicate which price to use for this option, e.g. base price, special price, final price, etc

new!Display Magento image labels based on category and stock status

When setting up a label, you can choose to products of which category it should be applied. For example if you have a promotion for shirts, you can assign label to 'Shirts' category, so that all items from that category are highlighted. You can also choose stock status for which the labels should be displayed, for example, only on 'in stock' products.

Add or remove labels from individual products

You can automatically assign labels to sale products in Magento by indicating product attributes, category or other criteria described above. At the same time you can add labels to individual items, by specifying their SKUs. Or vice versa, you can indicate SKUs of products to which a label should not be applied. Also you can add or remove labels from products when editing them.

Show labels of associated products on pages of parent products

This feature has been designed specifically for configurable and grouped products. Let's say there's a Magneto product ribbon or label for simple product, which is part of configurable. When this option is enabled, the ribbon/label will be displayed both on the page of the simple product and on the page of the configurable product to which it is associated.

Take advantage of the extension flexibility

magento product labels

Display labels based on a variety of conditions

Magento Product Labels module lets you use any combination of the above criteria for displaying labels. For example, you can show label for products which meet the following conditions: a) have special price, b) are not new, c) belong to 'Shoes' category, d) are of black color, e) are in stock, f) sku is not Gucci or Armani. Or you can display a label for all keyboards, without additional conditions. Your choice.

Unlimited number of labels

You can have any number of labels simultaneously. You can also use multiple labels for each product. For example show '5-year guarantee', '100% recyclable' and 'Save 30%!' labels at the same time.

Choose label position

magento stickers for products

You can place magento labels in the following positions: bottom-left, bottom-center, and bottom-right, middle-left, middle-center, middle-right, top-left, top-center, top-right.

Choose customer groups for which to show labels

For each Magento image label or a text label you can choose to which customer groups to display them. So when you have discounts for wholesale customers, you can show the labels only to them.

new!Use different images and text for category and product pages

The size of product images on product pages is bigger than on category and search results pages. So feel free to use smaller badges and shorter texts on category and search results pages, and bigger images and longer texts on product pages. For labels you can upload both your own images or the ones provided with the extension. You can apply your own styles as well.

Use variables for label messages

You can utilize following variables in the label texts:

magento image label
  • {SAVE_PERCENT}. Saving percentage, it's the percentage margin between regular price and special price. If you specify in admin panel 'Sale! {SAVE_PERCENT} OFF!', on front end it will be 'Sale! X% OFF!', X stands for the percent number.
  • {SAVE_AMOUNT}. Flat savings amount, represents flat difference between regular price and special price. So 'Save {SAVE_AMOUNT}!' results into 'Save $X!'. X is the amount, '$' sign will be automatically replaced with the symbol of your currency.
  • {PRICE} displays regular price.
  • {SPECIAL_PRICE} displays special price.
  • {NEW_FOR} shows how many days ago a product was added. 'NEW! Arrived just {NEW_FOR} days ago!' will be shown as 'NEW! Arrived just X days ago!', where X is the amount of days.
  • {SKU} displays product SKU.
  • {BR} - new line. The extension automatically breaks messages into several lines if they are too long. If you need to display some word or phrase in a separate line, please use {BR} variable.
  • {ATTR:attribute_code} - with this variable you can display value of any attribute in the label text. Please replace 'attribute_code' with the code of the actual attribute. For example, {ATTR:manufacturer} would display the product manufacturer.

Expand the list of your promotional tools

Inform customers about all store discounts

To effectively activate impulsive purchases in your store try also the Promo Banners module that dramatically boosts promo effect by incentivizing customers to buy more. It will display numerous banners with special offers and discounts on the most relevant pages like shopping cart page, product and category pages according to customers’ needs.

Create numerous promotional offers

Before starting to inform someone about the discounts you offer, you need to create them. Thus, in order to give customers no chance to leave your store without making a purchase, enhance the Product Labels extension impact with Special Promotions Pro module that enables you to create various types of discounts.

Benefit from clear stock statuses

Use stock statuses as one more powerful tool of communication with customers. Let them know when exactly this or that product appears in stock and whether some products are running out soon. With the help of Custom Stock Status module it’s easy to motivate people purchase more.

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