Product Instant Search

Product Instant Search is a free Magento search extension that enables automatically searching right after typing a character and shows the first search result with an “add to cart” form.

  • Show other search results in product’s thumbnail images

  • Search by products’ attributes: name, short description or tag

  • Enable to display numerous image results

Magento Community 1.4.x.x - 1.5.x.x - 1.6.x.x - 1.7.x.x

Magento Enterprise 1.9.x.x - 1.10.x.x- 1.11.x.x

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"Product Search” is always an important part of any ecommerce system because it seems impossible to show all products with full details to customers at the same time. With a powerful product search tool, a web-store can increase selling chance as well as customers’ ease of use. Magento is using a simple searching function which takes a long time to show the entire search result page and users must navigate to the product page to view its detail information. Hence, we have developed Product Instant Search -free Magento search extension which allows customers to view details or “add to cart” the products in main search result section.


  • Real-time searching function: automatic searching right after customers type a character.
  • Display the first search result in main search result section with an “add to cart” form.
  • Show other search results in product’s thumbnail images, thus enable to display numerous image results in a page.
  • Easy and quick to load product detail information in the main search result section.
  • Can search by many products’ attributes: name, short description or tag.
  • Simple to set the number of search results to be displayed.


  • All Magestore free Magento extensions are open source 100%.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Product Instant Search has a user-friendly interface.
  • It's one of the top useful free Magento extensions
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