One Step Checkout

Reduces the number of checkout steps from 6 to 1 and allows customers to buy products in one simple click.

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제품 설명

The One Step Checkout extension for Magento is a must-have module that simplifies the checkout process and makes it much easier and faster for customers to buy products at your store.

Features for customers

  • Checkout on a single page
    The extension reduces checkout steps from 6 to 1 and removes the annoying Continue button. All checkout blocks appear simultaneously and a customer can complete the purchase in just one transaction.
  • Login/registration option at one page checkout
    Registered customers have a possibility to login directly from the checkout page. Unregistered visitor can create an account and save his/her data while placing an order. Nevertheless, products can be easily bought by guests without logging or registration at all.
  • Ability to save address in address book
    Customers are allowed to save their addresses during the checkout process. Later they can select the saved address from the dropdown list and use it for shipping or billing.
  • Auto-fill billing and shipping addresses for logged in customers
    If a customer saved address into the address book or bought a product, the fields with the required data is filled in after logging in and the client doesn’t have to leave the information once again.
  • Send to different addresses
    Delivery can be made to different address from billing or customers can choose shipping address the same as billing.
  • AJAX-based update of each step
    Information of later steps updates automatically after any changes in former ones without page reloading.
  • Gift options and gift card support
    The One Step Checkout module by aheadWorks supports native Magento gift options, so your clients can leave a gift message for the entire order or every product individually. Moreover, the extension allows visitors to use their gift cards on the one step checkout page in Magento EE.
  • Apply discounts
    The module gives customers a possibility to enter coupon code on the checkout page and get a discount.
  • Leave a comment
    Let your customers add comments to their orders where they can define the best time for delivery or any other instructions.
  • Subscribe to newsletter
    Enable the ability to subscribe to newsletter directly from the Magento checkout page. The extension considers customers that have already signed up and the option with the subscription doesn't appear.
  • Remove products
    The extension allows customers to edit cart content by removing products directly at one page checkout.
  • iPad/Tablet compatibility
    For users of iPads or tablets the checkout page will work as good as for people who use PC.
  • Responsive Design
    No matter what device your client uses, the checkout page will adapt to the screen dimensions to remain convenient.

Features for online Magento store owners

  • Control the content of the checkout page easily
    Decide whether to display the company, fax fields on the checkout page.
  • Specify Magento checkout page title and description
    Define the title and add the description of the one page checkout to be displayed in the frontend.
  • Default shipping and payment methods
    Set up default values for shipping and payment methods, so they will be auto-selected for customers that have never made purchases at your store.
  • Blocks numbering on the checkout page
    The extension gives you a possibility to specify the numbering of every block on the checkout page. If the quantity of blocks changes, the numbering will change automatically.
  • Display Terms & Conditions checkbox
    Require customers to check terms & conditions box before placing the order. The form appears in a pop-up window.
  • Cross-sells appearing
    If a product has cross-sell items, they will appear at the bottom of the checkout page.
  • Advanced cross-sell selection*
    increase the relevance of cross-sell block through a variety of automatic rules that help you generate meanigful related product suggestions
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