Email to Customers

Email to Customers

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Email to Customers
Mass send emails to customers right from the "Manage Customers" and "Orders" pages!

How often do you need to send a message to group of customers filtered by some criteria like order status? Using Newsletter feature is inappropriate in most cases. With Amasty's E-mail to Customers extension you can instantly create and send a message to as many customers as needed.

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Email to customers right from the orders list
Email to customers from the customers list
Messages can be sent to both registered and guest customers
Order and customer-related variables can be used in messages
You can send an email either to one or to many customers at once
The extension comes with the user guide
Meets all Magento development practices
Is easy to install (takes just a few minutes)
100% opensource, no encoding

Also included

Risk free purchase, 2-weeks money back guarantee
Free e-mail support, help and guidance

Change Log

v1.1 Magento 1.4 compatibity

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