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eCC integrates your store, QuickBooks and shipping processors, so you can manage your business from ONE PLACE.

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eCC: QuickBooks Integration for Magento

Dramatically improve your business efficiency with an integrated QuickBooks-Magento system! You no longer have to manually transfer information from your Magento store to QuickBooks. eCC cuts down your back-office work to a few clicks! Automatically process orders, generate shipping labels and sync customers, payment and inventory between your Magento store, ship processors and QuickBooks from ONE CENTRAL APPLICATION.

eCC 소프트웨어 pricing starts at $199 one time licence fee + $29.95 per month. Visit our pricing page for more details.

Automate Process - Automatically transfer data from your Magento store to shipping processors and QuickBooks
Eliminate Errors - Eliminate inventory and accounting errors and unnecessary wastes
Focus on Growth - Be able to shift your work on other operations to optimize your business

eCC integrates with the latest Magento Go, Community and Enterprise versions, all domestic and international QuickBooks editions, and major shipping and payment processors.

Sync Magento orders with QuickBooks
- Automatically post order to QuickBooks to create sales receipts, invoices or sales orders
- Record taxes, discounts and shipping charges
- Map payment methods
- Match customers or create new customers on the fly
- Track order history and record order notes in eCC
- Support orders that have simple, configurable, grouped and bundle products</span>
- Automatically post updated orders to store

Integrate Shipping (Shipping module)
- Generate shipping labels with various shipping processors
- Set domestic and international shipping defaults
- Generate shipping labels in batches or process shipping and print the labels later
- Customize your packing slip design and field and print it from eCC
- Post tracking number and shipping information to store and notify customers of shipment
- Support multi-packaging and partial shipping with item-level management

Sync Products, Inventory and Pricing (Product module)
- Map products between your online store and QuickBooks
- Automatically transfer product details from your online store to create new items in QuickBooks. You can do this the other way around too.
- Sync quantity and pricing of items between your online store and QuickBooks
- Generate reports on mismatched items between your online store and QuickBooks 
- Generate reports on items with out-of-sync inventory and pricing 
- Automatically create Purchase Orders for drop-ship items and out-of-stock items
- Upload images from QuickBooks POS to store, or vice versa

Manage Multiple Channels
- Support multiple stores, websites and marketplaces

eCC모바일 (free iPhone/iPad app for Webgility customers)
- View order details and update status to your online store
- View product details and update product price, cost, quantity and weight on the fly
- Upload images of product from your iPhone/iPad for choose one from your photo library
- View customer details and contact them via text message, email or phone
- Monitor sales performance
- Manage multiple Magento stores

eCC Compatibility
- Magento editions: Go, Community and Enterprise
- Marketplaces: eBay and Amazon
- QuickBooks: Pro, Premier, Enterprise and Point of Sale
- QuickBooks international editions: Canada, UK, Australia Reckon, and South Africa EasyBiz
- Shipping processors: FedEx (CSP Certified), UPS Direct (UPS Ready Certified), UPS WorldShip, Endicia Dazzle, Stamps.com, Express1 and QuickBooks Shipping Manager
- Payment processors: PayPal, Authorize.net and QuickBooks Merchant Service

Visit www.webgility.com for more info.

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