Color Swatches Pro

Color Swatches Pro is a Magento color selector module which presents configurable products on a new level by animating boring text attributes. Be creative in presenting products to stand out in competitive crowd.

  • Use images for attributes selection

  • Let customers buy configurables from category pages

  • No need to specify price difference for associated products

  • Reload product images, name and description with AJAX

  • View image details with elegant zoom and lightbox effects

Community Edition 1.4 - 1.9
Enterprise Edition 1.8 - 1.14

Availability: 재고 있음

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Improve product presentation to deserve customers' trust.

color swatch magento

Let your customers see the final version of the product they are buying to reduce the returns resulting from customer frustration.

Customers can select image attributes as many times as they want to see different variants of the product, zoom images and eventually choose what they like.

new!Automatically use price of associated simple products, get rid of manual input of price difference.

By default in Magento you have to specify price difference for options of configurable products. E.g. color green +$10. No need to do this annoying thing anymore – now price of the simple products will be used automatically. So if you import a few thousand of associated products with updated prices, you will not need to spend a couple days updating price difference for configurable products.

Prove to customers that your products are of the highest quality.

In what way? - Give your customers a great view of the product. Using our Magento color picker extension, clients can zoom and see every detail of the product.

Master one more segment of users, who don't believe Internet is a place for shopping.

Convince your customers you are the one they should deal with by showing them products in detail without hiding anything.

Use images instead of plain text.

Apply images as options for configurable products and make your store intuitive for customers.

Upload images for all attribute sets for configurable products and then use the images for selection of configurable product options.

magento color swatches in action

new!Set product colors using Color Picker.

In case you need a solid color for any product attribute you can use our Color Picker option with a color palette. Moreover, it will take you only a few seconds to set a product color thanks to using CSS files.

Use images of associated products for swatches of one attribute, e.g. color.

You can save some time by using resized images of associated simple products for swatches of one of the attributes, e.g. color. Also this enables you to have unique Magento color swatches for each configurable product. All you need to do is select the attribute for which the feature should be activated. It can be selected individually for each product.

magento color swatches

Images are easier to understand.

In fact they are multi-language means of communication, which don't need to be translated. It will be a lot simpler and quicker for customers to select the right options.

Additional usability features.

With lightbox and product zoom options you make the process of image viewing a lot more user-friendly. Alternatively you can use images together with text.


new!Specify a default placeholder image for each attribute.

Upload a dummy image that will be used if no image is set for the attribute.

new!Cross out the swatches of out of stock products.

Due to the Out of Stock Option you can indicate which products of particular color or size are out of stock. This will help customers faster make their choice as they will immediately notice which product configurations are not available at the moment.

Enable selection of configurable products on category and search results pages to get more sales.

magento configurable product images
  • Display attribute icons on category pages.
  • Let your customers select options and add configurable products to cart right from the category page.
  • You can show icons for all attributes of configurable products, so customers will be able to select all product options on the category pages.
  • Enhance display of configurable products on category and search results pages by reloading Magento configurable product images when some configuration is selected.
  • Use these features to make configurable products easy to buy and get more orders.
  • new!Display Color Swatches with AJAX mode to speed up category pages download (in comparison to "default" extension settings).
  • new!Enable Reindex option to improve category pages performance.

Optimized content presentation.

Update product images and description according to customer input (with ajax).

The module can automatically load images and descriptions of the associated simple products chosen by customers. Let’s say a customer chooses nike brand and green color - the extension will show the images and descriptions of the simple product which stands behind these selections.

Visual effects.

Zoom and Lightbox effects work both for default configurable product images and for images loaded based on customer selections.

Automatic selection of attributes if only one option is available.

The extension will automatically select value for the attributes which have only one option available. For example, there is a cap which has three colors to choose from. When a customer chooses a color swatch with only one size available, the extension will automatically select the size.

Default image for configurable products with no images.

If you haven't uploaded images for some options of configurable products, now you can use default image for such options.

magento color swatches

Product image features.

  • Full size images and zoom of particular details.
  • Change thumbnail image size to adapt them to the style of your store and make the thumbnails looks as an integral part of your site design.
  • Lightbox option provides a good view of full-size images and user-friendly picture display.
  • Zoom effect offers to closely examine all the product details.
  • Ability to reset chosen product configurations.

Attribute image features.

  • Unlimited number of image attributes, which is especially handy when you sell products of high complexity.
  • Ability to specify dimensions of attribute images on product and category pages.
  • Ability to set up parameters for tooltip display.
  • Zoom effect for color swatches on mouse over.
  • new!Attribute images are added by simply dragging & dropping them into place.

Multiple configuration options.

  • Ability to upload images for all configurable product attributes
  • Full control over visual effects and content update features

new!Share URLs with set product options.

Now when you set different product attributes, product page URL is changing. New URL parameters are added to the current URL via # symbol. So it's possible to share URLs with predefined product options.

new!Possibility to display price for configurable products as "From X.YY".

Thanks to the extension you can show the price of configurable products in the "From X.YY" format. For example, if simple products have a difference in the price and the cheapest is equal to $12.50, you can display the price of configurable item as "From $12.50".

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