Advanced Product Options Magento Extension

Configure custom options for any product, manage products with complex configuration and create bundled deals.

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제품 설명
제품 설명
  • Advanced custom option templates to streamline the process of product management.
  • Dependent/ independent custom options to cover a wide range of product characteristics on a single product page.
  • Advanced custom option inventory/ stock management features.
  • Visual modification of product pages to better showcase merchandise, get maximum appeal and improve conversions.
  • Optimized price management for products and product custom options (the avility to set absolute prices, special and tier prices, one-time prices and more).
  • Personalizing custom product options for different customer groups.
  • NEW Stock Report to conveniently overview and manage custom option inventory.

Advanced Custom Options Templates

The unique functionality of this Magento extension allows you to create various types of custom option templates and assign them to any product. In a mouse click you can create custom options for all products, product groups or any separate product of your choice.

  • Create predefined configurable product custom options
  • Backup/ Restore custom options templates
  • Import/ Export templates right from the Templates grid (a useful feature for templates backup and copying them between different Magento stores)
  • The ability to specify different Magento custom options values for each Store View
  • Options can be assigned to different Store Views of your Magento website


  • Bulk-assign template to products by: Product Grid Multiselect, Product IDs, Product SKUs
  • The ability to apply predefined Magento configurable product options while editing a product under the Custom Options tab
  • Duplicate options template
  • A step-by-step process of assigning templates to products (supports an unlimited number of products)


  • Zoom in particular product's features by specifying a description/ tooltip for configurable product options and their variations
  • Select the default value for any custom option (the default value will be displayed in the frontend by default)
  • Copy 'separate' options

Dependent Custom Options

Advanced Product Options Magento extension lets you create a chain of dependent custom product options that cover different product characteristics (e.g. design, size, color, manufacturer, etc.) or include different product sets.

  • OR dependency: shoppers will be shown the next product option (a child one) only after they have picked up the main (parent) option. For example, a 'Size' option won’t be selectable unless a shopper selects 'Color'.
  • AND dependency: dependent configurable product options can be shown only when two or more options get selected.


  • The Advanced Product Option extensions also allows you to create custom options of the 'Swatch' type and only display images instead of custom options in the frontend.


Managing Configurable Custom Option Pricing

Advanced Product Options Magento extension addresses all pricing challenges custom option products may incur. The module lets you easily set and customize costs of each custom option to shape a better pricing strategy.

  • Specify a cost for any custom product option
  • Add special prices for custom product options (different prices can be added for each customer group)
  • Add fixed/percentage tier prices for custom product options (different prices can be added for each customer group)
  • Enable absolute prices for custom product options (a custom option price will replace the product price)


Custom options per Customer Groups

Custom options per Customer Groups feature enables you to assign custom options per customer groups. It lets you segment your store audience and personalizes custom option offers for different customer group.

Thus, you can shape more targeted pricing strategy and provide different product configurations for different customer groups.


Weight and Cost for Magento custom options

Weight for configurable product options feature lets your shoppers calculate shipping costs right in the shopping cart.

Cost for configurable product options feature lets you to specify the most appropriate costs of your custom options to calculate your net profit correctly. As a store admin, you can:

  • Specify Weight / Cost value for custom options
  • Setup an Absolute Weight / Cost (in this case option weight / cost replaces the product's weight / cost)
  • Include custom option weight into shipping costs


SKU Policy management

The feature lets you determine how the result SKU of custom options purchased product will be formed in the order.

The point is that if a custom option has a SKU, Magento adds it to the product's SKU in the order. That can trigger issues if you export orders in the 3rd party systems. APO solves this issue and lets you take a full control of how you need to display SKUs in the order (together with product SKU/ as a separate product/ instead of product SKU).

Other features

  • Free lifetime updates for our Advanced Product Options Magento extension
  • 100% Open Source
  • Dynamic countdown for entered characters (used for text options in the frontend)
  • The ability to specify different DIV class for every product option
  • Magento custom options import/export (you can import/export products with custom options using Magento native Import/Export functionality)
  • The ability to use WYSIWYG for products’ option description
  • The ability to select custom options by loading product URLs the with specific parameters (you can load product pages with different pre-selected custom options by changing custom options IDs in the URLs:,22-333-444-555, where these numbers are [optionID]-[ValueID],[optionID]-[ValueID])
  • "Do Not Restore Deleted Options" featured is added to the Magento product options templates
  • The ability to update/keep unchanged quantity of product options when updating options template
  • The ability to create product options visible in the backend only
  • The ability to add description for each option value
  • Characters countdown for text product options in the frontend
  • The ability to specify different values of custom product option for each Store View (You can translate an option title, an option description and a title of each option value into different languages directly in custom options templates)
  • The ability to create custom options for specific Store Views only
  • The ability to enable absolute prices for custom options (custom option's price will replace a product's price)
  • The ability to create product options with one-time prices (custom option's price will be added to product price only once, regardless of product qnty added to cart)
  • Invariable extension price - no matter how many k+ products you have.
  • Compatible with Instant Cart
  • Compatible with Extended Orders
  • Compatible with Firegento MageSetup Extension for German market
  • Compatible with Innoexts_StorePricing
  • Compatible with Mico_Mupload
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